In the remote South West of Rwanda there is widespread poverty and suffering with only limited NGO support. Rwanda Aid works here to bring hope and opportunity. 
working with the community to find new and effective solutions
supporting education, training and enterprise
leading to self-sufficiency and independence

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Wetherby Prep in Rwanda

wetherbyFollowing a really successful visit last summer, we are thrilled to be returning to Rwanda to help with teacher training, visit our link school Mwegera and support other Rwanda Aid projects. The 2015 team are: Miss Bevan, Mr Dawson, Miss Hart, Miss Martin and Miss Olney. We hope this blog will allow you to gain an insight into our visit...

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Teaching in Rwanda

TeachingRead here about the Teaching in Rwanda project from their blog...

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Richard and Hannah BlogIf you could spare a moment please vote for us in the JustGiving Charity of the year Awards. Thanks!

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Richard & Hannah's Blog

Richard and Hannah BlogRichard revisits Rwanda with his daughter Hannah. They aim to continue photography work with the co-operative as well as providing training in wedding videos. Click below to find out more about their visit. See a video from their trip here.

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News from the Rwanda Managers

Rwanda Aid UK visitors
– 8 July 2015


The head teacher from Vinehall and his daughter were delighted to work with the photographers’ group from Baho Neza Mwana village.

The group was excited to get movies making skills and high definition cameras that will help them improving their photography business. They were also making a promotional film for Rwanda Aid projects.

A team of teachers from King House, Devonshire House and Normanhust schools visited the the schools of Munyove Groupe Scolaire, Isha Primary School and Nkombo Nursery. They taught together with Rwandan teachers and tried to improve teaching skills and methodology.

The same team painted some of the walls for Baho Neza Mwana facilities. Jonas joined the team in painting other walls that the time did not allow them to do. The walls are now looking different and the children love them.

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News from the UK Managers 

Munezero House – 6 September 2015

Munezero House

Munezero House has been a hive of activity this summer, and we are enormously grateful to the teacher volunteers from Devonshire House, King’s House, Lady Eleanor Hollis, Normanhurst, Vinehall and Wetherby schools who have downed tools at the end of a busy summer term to travel out to Rwanda. There were no fewer than 21 teachers in all, and over the years between them they have made over 50 visits to Rwanda, supporting the work with immense enthusiasm and sensitivity. The Rwanda teachers and the Rwanda Aid team love these visits and find them a wonderful boost to morale

David Chaplin

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  •   ‘Too many NGOs manage to do little in a big way. Rwanda Aid manages to do much in a small way. Its entire commitment is to the people of Rwanda, who recognise this, and now do the great bulk of the work themselves. Its approach is personal, direct and consistent over a long period. This is inspiring.’
    Charles Moore, The Telegraph
  •   De La Rue has been pleased to support the work of Rwanda Aid, helping with the construction and equipping of classrooms and the support of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Rwanda Aid provides us with detailed feedback of the work being carried out and offers the opportunity for our staff to become involved with the work in Rwanda.
    Tony Mullen, Key Accounts Diretor, De La Rue
  •   Beazley has been a supporter of Rwanda Aid for 5 years now, and over this time we have had the enormous pleasure of seeing our donations being used in a meaningful and practical way. As a donor, you get real ‘bang for your buck’ in the sense that you can actually see your contributions making a great difference in people’s lives.
    Jonathon Gray, Director, Beazley’
  •   I was enormously impressed by the work that you and your colleagues are doing there, in particular by the two "villages" I visited. I have done a fair amount of travelling around Rwanda since I arrived and I can say that those two will certainly stick in my mind as beacons of optimism, positivity, and charity in the best sense.
    Will Gelling, British High Commissioner for Rwanda


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