Baking Bread in Kamembe

Rwanda Aid provided a small grant to this women's baking cooperative and they are now producing 400 loaves a day, 4 days a week! Most of these loaves are a type of local bread which is very popular and sells quickly. They have also perfected some speciality breads including a delicious banana bread and honey bread which they bake to order, with plans to introduce new speciality bread flavours as their business grows. This delightful group of women are passionate about business, and are even more passionate about baking!

Rwanda Aid Enterprise Development | Rusizi Fruit Juice Company

Rusizi Fruit Juice Company is a cooperative of 7, run by a father and son called Simon and Elysee, which they established in 2014. Simon and Elysee both exude infectious enthusiasm and have built up this business from scratch after receiving a loan from the bank to establish the production centre and to rent the land. They have since increased their fruit juice production dramatically having received training and a grant from Rwanda Aid towards a juice making machine. Previously, they made all the juice by hand; the machine has enabled them to scale up their business, earning more profit for the cooperative members as well as having the opportunity to invest more into their business. The market for fruit is competitive, so they are keen to secure their supply of passionfruit and hibiscus by growing and producing more than one hectare of their own fruit. If you are passing through Kamembe, why not try their highly rated passionfruit or hibiscus juice!